Do the Math

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The sun is not going to rise this morning!
But, don’t take this as some cataclysmic warning!
You see, even though the Bible SAYS it rises and sets…
Science has proven that’s about as dumb as it gets!
The sun revolves around a rotating Earth…
As the whole thing, through the galaxy roars…
The Bible must be read with the reader knowing…
It’s mostly symbols and metaphors!
Like Noah’s great rainbow, a promise from God…
It is beautiful symbolism…
Yet we have found the colors are formed…
When light moves through a prism!
It doesn’t change the fact that God made the promise…
Or that one man’s perspective was narrow and dim…
On the day Noah heard what the Spirit said…
I’m sure a rainbow was seen by him….
And HIS interpretation, while somewhat dense…
Has been the gospel truth, ever since!
Maybe, just maybe….. If men would realize….
The beautiful truths are encased with some lies…
I believe EVERYONE could get really excited…
With a Bible that’s read…. and rightly divided!
Read it, don’t worship it…. Study it, sure!
Just, please understand, it is not completely pure!
Much is included that must be examined…
Like the wheat separates from the chaff…
Examine it, hear it…. discern by the Spirit…
Just don’t expect a book to really light your path!
Grow up….. Be responsible….. Do the math!


Don’t Worry, baby

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I find it interesting that Paul the Apostle speaks of WORRY in the same context as MURDER and ADULTERY. At first, one would thin it was a mistake but, after living long enough and seeing the affects of all three, I am of the opinion that WORRY is the most dangerous of the three, hands-down! Worry and stress have killed more people than murder. Worry has destroyed more homes than adultery. It eats away like a hungry cancer and destroys a man from the inside-out. It is debilitating! I use to be a worrier and I have recovered!
You can, too! A few simple TRUTHS have helped me tremendously! I will share them.
1. If there’s nothing you can DO about something, it doesn’t help to worry.
2. Realize that your perception is limited and you are only working with limited knowledge of the situation. You cannot see the big picture. Everything is a puzzle piece and has it’s place.
3. NOTHING is ever lost, in God. Restoration is REAL. In this life
or the next, you will see full restoration.
4. Worrying shows a lack of faith and trust in yourself and God.
5. Worrying about a situation is like shoveling manure onto it. It only makes it worse.
6. 97.5% of everything you worry about happening NEVER HAPPENS! And, if/when it DOES… You are more able to get through it than you realize.
7. Worry is a thief. You are allowing it to ROB YOU and those around you of the spiritual gifts that are intended to flow through you.
8. Limit your time and conversation with those who worry. Adding their worry to yours MULTIPLIES it!
9. Worrying is like spray-painting a light bulb black. Your light is veiled when you worry.
10. SAY it out loud, the thing that has you worried. Then say to the Spirit that you trust it’s power to be MORE THAN ENOUGH to get you through WHATEVER HAPPENS!
You were created to be a WARRIOR, not a WORRIER!!!
Turn a new page! Cast your care! Enjoy every minute of every day! Life is too short to waste it swimming in the cesspool of WORRY!!!!!!!


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You know that room that needs a makeover? You need 3 things to get it done. DESIRE, MEANS and TIME. You can have any one or, even, two of these and not accomplish anything but if you can get these three together, miracles can happen! The good news IS: any of the THREE can be adjusted, somewhat, when necessary. I had 10 kids and not much space, years ago, but we had a partial basement. I felt my DESIRE stirring after seeing a playroom at a friend’s house. Looking at models of what you want helps to stir DESIRE. My current diet was motivated by my looking at pictures of myself back when I was in great shape and some pictures of athletes over 50! I stood looking at the basement envisioning a colorful playroom. I didn’t have the MONEY but I had MEANS through relationships. I went to see my buddy, Floyd , and he gave me a stack of old door slabs sitting in his warehouse. Those 6-panel doors became WALLS! They looked so good, side by side, painted up like a hippie got hold of some Judge’ panels! Lol
Couldn’t afford a drop ceiling so I stapled material to the floor joists above. The concrete floor was painted and some old oriental rugs were placed here and there. I had an old TV. A trip to a few yard sales yielded VHS movies, a player and a Nintendo game. Colored light-bulbs and posters completed the job and I stood back and looked and was AMAZED at my low-budget remodel! YOU KNOW WHAT THEY SAY: “Where there is a WILL… I wanna be IN IT!” Lol
NO! The OTHER thing they say:
“Where there’s a will, there’s a way!” Stir the DESIRE by writing your dream down. Talk about it. Give it life! Breathe into it’s nostrils and put YOUR spirit in it!
This step makes room for the others. Time is there if you prioritize. It is crazy how much I can get done when the TV gets turned off! Lol. The means is not the hardest part for most people!
They THINK it is but, once the DESIRE is properly stirred it always surprise me how the supply materializes in one form or another, when the time is right!
Need a remodel? In a camper, a room, a relationship or heart???
Don’t give up because it can’t be everything you want it to be right now! Set aside TIME to envision, look at models, talk about it with people who believe in you and stir up the DESIRE! Then, LISTEN TO YOUR HEART! It will lead you to the MEANS if you will make the TIME! I hope this helps someone.

One Step at a Time

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Hi….. I’m Robert and I’m an addict. I thought of something that helped me, years ago, when I was trying to break free from addiction. I was crying one night and asking God for help and I heard these words.
” It is easier to be motivated if you’re moving toward something than it is if your moving away from something.”
I wasn’t doing great at walking away from drugs. I had to envision myself in the future, drug-free, successful, ministering to others, being a father and a friend worth having. I found the strength I needed to move toward this brighter day…. and each step moved me further away from my Hell.
Instead of walking away from drugs and alcohol…. Walk toward a better LIFE!

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red barn

This barn is for sale. I want it. I stood inside it, yesterday, looking at the high ceilings and lofts and rooms and imagining two things in particular. What it WAS and what it COULD BE! It caught my attention when the realtor said it was built in 1960. So was I! Lol
For 53+ years this barn has been a haven for countless critters, projects, pain and pleasure.
This barn has weathered storms, sheltered it’s friends, protected those willing to step inside. It was created with a big purpose and, after all these years, still has amazing potential! It is sturdy, safe and sound. Some see it as an eyesore and wish it gone.
For others it is a part of the landscape that makes the little valley it dwells in what it IS!
It has character! It has potential!
It is waiting on the next set of blue-prints from Heaven to find out what the next season will hold. It could be a workshop, a home, a church, a music studio. Lives could be changed by what is yet to happen in this old barn.
It needs a lite work but it is beautiful!
Oh yeah! The same is true about the Big Red Barn in the picture!!!


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Recently, at a friends house, I sat and watched him move around his den and kitchen in a mad dance of shifting, lifting, scooting, sliding, digging, peering and hoping. After 15 minutes of so, he stopped abruptly, in the middle of the room, looked at me with tortured face and said, “What am I looking for?!?!?” Lol. He had gotten so caught up in all of his methods for searching they became robotic and meaningless. He lost focus of
the one thing that prompted his search to begin with. I suggested he write down what he hopes to find and, that way, he can glance at what he has written and keep on track in his search. Most people I counsel with are like that. They don’t even know what they’re searching for. They live in the chaos of “the hunt”, turning over cushions, dumping drawers and shuffling through the cabinets of the mind without a single clue as to what they really want. Write down what you are searching for. It might surprise you where you find it!


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Church is NOT somewhere you GO…It is something you ARE! It is a GATHERING of people, not a building. Intelligent people have figured this out. BUT…if the gathering is too big for a home, it is OK to occupy a building in which to BE the church. There is NO SIN or crime in that. Some take GREAT PRIDE in their Church and some take GREAT PRIDE in not going to one. Both are wrong. God is everywhere. He IS in your hot-tub, fishing boat, living-room AND at the local Church. In my opinion, He is more clearly seen OUTSIDE most religious institutions rather than inside. That being said, I pastor a church. We have a building. It is also my house. I live in the building. I have friends who enjoy my perspective on God and the way I present the gospel. They come over for a visit, every Sunday and we have a time of music and sharing. Some call it “church.” You can call it “fried-green-tomatoes” if you would like. That doesn’t make it or break it. Our “house” is WAY bigger than our gathering OR our budget. We put up a for sale sign in the yard, thinking someone might need it and pay enough for it so that we could build a smaller, more affordable “house” for our gatherings and some other things that would be more in keeping with our family, here. A buyer has not shown up, yet, so we just continue doing what we are doing. It is from the office of this place where i sit and do my best to pour out inspiration to you guys, many times a day, along with a healthy dose of entertainment, issues and lots of stuff designed to make you think. I am here for you, should you need encouragement or counsel. I spend many hours a week answering private messages and trying to help those who need it. I am definitely full-time in my ministry. My church cannot pay me a salary, right now, but Father has been faithful to supply basic needs. Many of you have participated in our budget and helped us keep things cooking here at THE BRIDGE and for this I am VERY GRATEFUL! There are those who use my services quite a bit and have never felt compelled to share any finances with us and those who have never even contacted me with any need at all who have been a big blessing to the ministry, here. I have learned, that GOD is MUCH BIGGER than the budget represented by those who attend gatherings. Thank God for that! lol THE BRIDGE continues to meet, Sundays at 11:00. If you are within driving distance, come and join us!
If you ARE a part of OUR gathering or a SIMILAR gathering, in a building that is called a church OR in a home, tell me: What do you NEED, LOOK FOR and EXPECT from the gathering?